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Many people believe it’s cheap and abundant.

Due to our current management systems,one in five people on the planet do not have adequate access to safe,clean drinking water. “ Whether you have a big problem or not depends entirely on where you live”.

Every time we interact with water,we change it,redirect it or alter its state.

But with innovation comes inspiration . With advances in technology sophisticated sensor networks, smart meters, deep computing and analytics we can be smarter about how we manage our planet’s water.

eWatercart.com believes in “A Customer is for Life” The sole purpose is to educate customers  about the importance of water and using smarter ways to reduce water foot print through products which are value for money.

eWatercart.com  have pioneered a new concept in the form of an online megastore for selling domestic and agriculture pumps, control panels  and automation products  delivered to customer from SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) and large scale manufactures across India.

By stepping into the marketplace we had entered with LIDER products and we welcome  all other manufacturers and suppliers for selling or buying water pumps,control panels  and other water management products with eWatercart.com platform.

Our Mission and Goal

As a customer you need a pump for your residential premises, for watering our garden or field, for fountain or for any other purpose, customer  will get his/her needs delivered right at your doorstep.

eWatercart.com– merging the quality and uniqueness into a single platform and endeavour to give customers more of what they want – vast selection, low prices,easy payment options, fast and reliable delivery, and a trusted and convenient online shopping experience – and provide sellers a world-class e-commerce platform. We are committed to ensure 100% Purchase Protection for your shopping done on eWatercart.com.


"I will suggest these products to each and everyone for their everyday home needs related to water management."


"They offer value for money products."