Lider 12.5 H.P Solar Water Pump Inverter


PUMP DIAMETER                                                        POWER-HP[kW]

HEAD (meters)HIGH-LOW                                           DISCHARGE(Litres per min)LOW-HIGH

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Product Description

Lider Solar Water Pumping Invertors-VFD(Variable Frequency Drive) with MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking) and MEPT gives maximum torque even at minimum sunlight.

MPPT point will adjust according to solar radiation,ambient temperature and solar cell temperature to provide  highest power compared to PWM/SMPS based charge controller.

MPPT will track the PV voltage and current & select the voltage point from where we are getting maximum power from PV .

This gives 35% extra generation of energy using higher efficiency from solar panel which results in pumping 35% more compared to conventional three phase inverters.



Priority-(Solar- Grid)

• When solar energy is sufficient then water pump will operate at  maximum rpm resulting maximum output through solar through MPPT & VFD.

• When solar energy is weak then VFD is taking DC source from solar &  balance AC from grid to operate the pump at maximum rpm to result  maximum output.

• When solar energy is absent then if you wish then grid can operate pump by usual ways.



  •          Water supply for remote villages and homes
  •          Irrigation of farms and  gardens
  •          Wildlife watering
  •          Filling of Fish ponds and  Swimming pools
  •          Surface water pumping for landscaping streams and waterfalls
  •          Cattle, livestock watering systems (animal husbandry)
  •          Water supply for sea islands
  •          Water treatment projects
  •          Alternate system for water supply to counter grid power outrages.
  •          Can be used for both monoblock or submerged pumps.


  •          Adopts the dynamic V-I maximum power point tracking (MPPT) control method
  •          Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to provide maximum torque with minimum sunlight
  •          Water storage instead of power storage. No battery is required
  •          Conversion efficiency is more than 98% , along with  high reliability
  •          Setting parameters and fault detection through LCD display
  •          System protection: Dry Well, Over Flow, Output Overload, Low Input Voltage, Over Input Voltage, Over Temperature, Lightning, Reverse Polarity
  •          Pump can be directly connected to the drip irrigation system, fountain system
  •          Supports different types of pumps such as  : Centrifugal pump, Axial flow pump, Mixed flow pump  and Deep well pump  (Submersible)
  •          Fast response speed and stable operation; better than the conventional methods which may lead to the problems including poor tracking performances, unstable operation or even damaging water hammer effects when the irradiation on the array changes rapidly.
  •          Digital control with full automatic running, data storage and complete protective function
  •          Automatic  Water level control  (Option of up & down water level detection and control circuit )
  •          Protection level IP52.
  •          Operating Temperature:  -10  to  +50˚C.
  •          System configuration through  front panel keys & LCD
  •          Monitoring of  data &  performance through LCD display
  •          System diagnostics  on LCD display

Product Features

Power rating3 HP
Input voltage Voc500-750 V
Input current I max.7 A
Output voltage V ac 3 phase240-440
Output Frequency0-60 hz
Best water flow @ Frequency40-50 HZ
Head range in Mts.200
Ambient temperature45 degree C
Relative humidity non condensate95 %
Noise level @ 1 meter50 dB
Enclosure typeIP 55
Effective Pumping hours7-9
Flow @ cloudy weather50%
Pump selectionany make 3 phase pump
Display - 4 line LCDPv aray volt, current, wattage, frequency,Output voltage
ProtectionReverse polarity, short circuit, over current, over voltage, Lightening, Dry run(sensor less), over temperature
Warranty1 year against any manufacturing defect

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Lider 12.5 H.P Solar Water Pump Inverter

Lider 12.5 H.P Solar Water Pump Inverter

PUMP DIAMETER                                                        POWER-HP[kW]

HEAD (meters)HIGH-LOW                                           DISCHARGE(Litres per min)LOW-HIGH

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